About Us

Located in the heart of the Bulgarian rose valley, in the village of Tazha near the town of Kazanlak, BIOFORM LTD. is one of the leading certified companies in Bulgaria fully applying the principles and standards of Biodynamic agriculture.

We have more than 500 hectares of land planted with different crops. The main share is occupied by essential oils, all types of oil-bearing rose and lavender, rose hips, rosemary, milk thistle, medicinal plants - hemp, calendula, immortelle and others.

Our many years of experience, care and knowledge of individual plants help us to grow ecologically clean crops from which we produce our organic products such as dry and liquid extract, essential and base oils, concrete, absolute, cold pressed oils, phenethyl alcohol, floral waters and dried herbs. In our own laboratory, equipped to the highest world standards, the purity and quality of our products are constantly checked.


In our factory there are some production area. In the one of them we produce our essential oils. Here we use only a pure water and steam together with the raw materials. In the other we produce our concrete, absolute and PEA. The main solvents here are Hexane or Ethanol. In the area with extraction units we produce our liquid and dry extracts. For this purpose, we have a machine named “spray dryer”. Other area is our cold press area. Here we use only the raw material and a special machine which press the raw material without modification of the composition and turn it into a precious base oil. Also, we have a special area where we make our dry herbs. In this area we have a machine which dry and cut the herbs into a big or small piece.


Our laboratory has one of the most innovation equipment. Here we do pescitide analysis, analysis of a number of oils and waters. We have a Gas Chromatography [GC] and Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Analysis [GCMS], which allow the analysis of any product. In the future we plan to invest more by adding liquid chromatography(LC) .We continue to develop and work for optimization and modernization of our laboratory.


The production fields of the company are located in a beautiful area near of the Balkan Mountains at the altitude of 500-600 m. We plant our fields according to the organic standards and biodynamic standards. With the combine of fresh Balkan air, bright sun and the rocky soil create favourable conditions for the cultivation of our plants. In the processing of fields, both manual labor and mechanization are used.

We owned 120 ha Rose damascena , 14 ha Rose centifolia, 15 ha Rose alba, 33 ha Lavender, 12 ha Rose hip, 15 ha Helichrysum italicum and 221 ha another agricultural land.